Mean Bean Coffee Limited Case Study

Mean Bean Coffee, a wholesale coffee reseller & roastery based in Waterford, Ireland, embarked on a journey to redefine its brand identity and boost revenue growth. Owned by ex Waterford Hurlers Eoin and Ken McGrath, Mean Bean sought to create a clear brand and marketing strategy to overcome negative perceptions and enhance its market presence. The client’s overarching goal was a 50% increase in revenue over the next 12 months.

Project Goals

Mean Bean Coffee revenue Growth

Increase revenue by 50% by end of 2022

Dare to Dream (3)

Change the perception of the coffee Mean Bean supply

Dare to Dream (4)

Tell a clear story of Quality

Strategy & Planning

A design thinking approach was adopted, focusing on rebranding and reshaping the company’s core values. Extensive market research revealed a negative brand perception, which led to the development of a comprehensive marketing strategy. This strategy included organic social media, online advertising, corporate partnerships, PR, and events. The goal was to change Mean Bean’s narrative, emphasising their commitment to quality.


The project commenced with the establishment of Mean Bean’s mission, vision, and goals. A new brand identity was crafted, featuring a compelling strap-line, logo, and logo mark, creating a visually appealing and cohesive brand story. A user-friendly website was designed, distinguishing between wholesale and retail customers. The website streamlined the ordering process and showcased additional offerings, leading to a 300% revenue increase in related areas. Strategic partnerships with industry leaders like De’Longhi were formed, amplifying Mean Bean’s market reach. Meanwhile, bespoke design assets facilitated sales efforts as the company expanded its clientele base.